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Rolling road facilities


LPS 3000

The LPS 3000 is one of the most accurate and consistent dynamometer's on the market.

The double roller dynamometer with eddy current brake on the right side of the vehicle and pneumatic lifting beam is designed to measure the performance of cars and stands out due to its extremely robust, durable and low-maintenance construction. It ensures highest measuring accuracy due to the power measurement at a constant rpm, speed or tractive force, including the drag power measurement.

High level of flexibility in use due to extensive variety of
operating modes, covering all fields of application:

  • Static power measurement at constant RPM

  • Static power measurement at constant speed

  • Static power measurement at constant tractive force

  • Dynamic power measurement with adjustable acceleration

  • MAHA towing power measurement guarantees the highest degree of accuracy when measuring power: Precision calculation of the parasitic losses of the dynamometer, of the vehicle's drive train and the tyre to roller friction and flex losses

  • Tachometer testing with up to ten freely selectable test points

  • Distance measurement included

The Process.

Our Dyno runs consists of 3 runs in total - 1 Pre remap 2 post remap. 

All care will be taken to secure your vehicle and always ensure its safety by our highly trained mechanics at all times.

A check will be carried out by our technicians before any vehicle is put on the Dyno.

Vehicles we can tune on our MAHA Dyno 4WD rolling road:

  • Rear wheel drive vehicles

  • Front wheel drive vehicles

  • 4WD/AWD vehicles

  • 2WD/4WD racing vehicles

  • Sport utility vehicles

  • Light commercial vehicles

  • Recreational vehicles

DYNO Checklist

A few checks that are essential before arriving:

  • Full tank of fuel (The same fuel you always intend to use)

  • Oil Level

  • Coolant Level

  • No Binding Brakes

  • Fluid leaks

  • No other faults on vehicle

On the day you will also be asked to fill out and sign our dynamometer disclaimer form.



Starting from: - 

£75  - 2 Wheel Drive*

£90 - 4 Wheel Drive*


£125 By the hour**

£399 Half Day**

£599 Full Day**

For all other enquiries call us 01286 882299

*All pricing shown does not include VAT - Additional costs may apply if the vehicle is lowered.
** All Dyno Hire includes operating technician - All pricing shown does not include VAT.

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